NHRD Monthly Sessions – May 23, 2014 Technology Trends in Human Resource Management

NHRD Monthly Sessions – May 23, 2014
Technology Trends in Human Resource Management
R Sathiyanarayanan
Director – HCM Solutions Consulting, Oracle India Pvt Ltd.

Technology has been utilized effectively by our fraternity since the advent of payroll processing packages from 1978 onwards. Today, we employ a multitude of techniques to capture the very essence of what HRM is all about.
Four Major Forces behind 21st Century HR

  • Global Shortage of Qualified Labor
  • Technology Is Driven by Consumers
  • Data Rich, Information Poor
  • Social Changes Everything

Those organizations to effectively use multi-sourced data, are able to show a higher sales record.
Tenets of Modern HR

  • Talent Centric
  • Collaborative
  • Insightful
  • Engaging and Mobile

Recent studies state that while 99% of employees use some form of technology on the job, less than 40% feel they have the technology needed to be productive.
Workforce Insights are now business critical but we still see only 39% of the businesses currently using integrated analytics from HRMS / HRIS, while 62% still being on spreadsheets.
Technology Concepts Impacting Human Resources

  • Big Data
  • Gamification
  • Cloud
  • Social Media
  • Mobile

Datafication of Human Resource

  • Advanced analytic platforms
  • Cloud based services
  • Visualization tools to evaluate and improve practices

The HR Fraternity is rapidly moving towards usage of Predictive Analytics for HR Metrics.
We observe that HR Big Data is with the following.
Volume – Explosive Data Growth
Velocity – Constantly Changing
Variety – Range of Sources of People Data
The impact is that organizations are slowly moving away from Dash boards and Spreadsheets to Predictions of probability and Analysis of unrelated variables.
Workforce insights help to explain the unanticipated behaviour of employees at particular or generic situations. The challenge for HR today – highly unstructured performance dialogues. Making business sense of this data itself is going to lead to much more meaningful analysis. Employee reactions are much more easier to understand and accepted. Top talent profiling becomes part of routine and it is easier to assess effectiveness of strategic and tactical HR decisions.

  • Gamification in HCM
  • Motivate and reward employees to
  • Contribute knowledge
  • Collaborate for teaming
  • Complete tasks.

By 2015, more than 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. Gamification is very useful in reputation building and employees enjoy a fun out of mundane activities.
Social Media and Gamification set to improve talent decisions and choices. It leads to employee portrait augmentation.
Workforce Reputation Management to lead to brand protection and compliance.
Very soon, it will become imperative to adapt to technology changes else perish even though your capability in other spheres is immense. Better to join the bandwagon of innovations and quickly channelize your HR efforts in a profitable manner.