Demystifying Digital Transformation in HR

The biggest myth associated with HR Digital Transformation is that it is only about implementing digital operations and automation. However, technology is just a part of the entire process which involves moving towards a digital culture. Join us to learn how HR digital transformation involves fostering new ways of working, closing knowledge gaps, increasing engagement, and solving business problems.


Mr.Rajan Sethuraman
Chief People Officer
Latentview Analytics

NHRDN Chennai Chapter
“Demystifying Digital Transformation in HR”
Mr.Rajan Sethuraman
Chief People Officer Latentview Analytics

At 7pm, Wednesday, 23rd January 2019,
At Severe Hotel, Radhalaishnan Salai, MylaPore, Chennai

Registration Fee of Rs. 400/- will apply to Non-Members attending the program.
Networking over tea begins at 6.30 pm.

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