NHRD Chennai – 31 October 2014 Monthly meeting : Ms.Kripa Krishnamoorthy, Senior VP – HR of Citibank, shared her thoughts about " Creating an Inclusive Culture at Workplace"

On the evening of 31st Oct’14 @ NHRDN Chennai Chapter’s monthly meeting, Ms.Kripa Krishnamoorthy, Senior VP – HR of Citibank, shared her thoughts about “Creating an Inclusive Culture at Workplace”.
She started off her speech by explaining about Diversity Vs Inclusion: Diversity is really the mix.  Inclusion is creating the environment for the mix to work.  The challenge that the organisation is facing is to create a culture of inclusion.  She also made a point that how organisation is expecting people to come from diverse background but to behave similar.  She clearly explained the techniques to tackle this situation through “Diversity Wheel”.  Everyone is thinking that “Inclusion” is something that organization needs  to do and Team Manager needs to do etc… But it is something that every employee in the organisation should start behave in a manner which creates inclusion.
She also explained how every HR stakeholder should follow the four pillars to create a Ethos of inclusion.
The tool she used to explain the concept through small activities like identifying the CEO among the pictures that were displayed on the board and the ​vedio was extremely good and it brought some energy in to the room.
Last but not the least, she clearly explained about Bias and how we can tackle bias by being just aware of it.
All her presentations with survey data and the live examples that she shared were extremely useful to the participants.
Overall, it was a very great experience and knowledge sharing session.​