The Network offers different categories of membership, to allow professionals at different stages in their careers to take up an appropriate category of membership. One of the key features here is that the Network offers Student Membership to those who are undergoing a full-time course in Human Resources, or an equivalent program of study.
In general, members are entitled to significant discounts at various programs conducted either by the Chennai Chapter, or by any of the other chapters. Members also receive a copy of the HRD Newsletter, published by the National Headquarters of the Network at Hyderabad. Besides these, one of the key benefits of membership is that it offers HR professionals a forum for interacting across industries, with peers as well as with those with various profiles of experience and seniority. Life members have an additional benefit in that they will receive a copy of the HRD Journal, every quarter. Each issue of this journal provides theme-based articles, from both academic & practitioner perspectives, on a specific area of HR. Finally, this website itself allows complete access only to those who are members of the Network!