NHRD Chennai – 22nd May, 2015 Monthly meeting : Mr. K Aravamootham shared his thoughts about , “ Neuro-linguistic programming and Beliefs” at Hotel Savera

Mr. K Aravamootham held an interactive, activity-filled session with the title, “ Neuro-linguistic programming and Beliefs” on 22nd May, 2015 at Hotel Savera, under the auspices of the NHRD network, Chennai chapter. The facilitator was introduced by Mr. Kesavan, NHRD who highlighted the former’s rich and varied experience of training over 50000 people in his long and successful career.
The facilitator began with the value of beliefs in shaping our lives, which he illustrated through the powerful stories of the life of Norman Cousins, the author of the book, Anatomy of an Illness
Highlighting the relevance of affirmations, he delved into the ideas of Emile Coue, often summarized in the words, “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”
.Muscle-Testing Exercise: With the help of Mr. Vijayakumar, who volunteered to participate in the exercise, Mr. Aravamootham demonstrated how the synchrony of beliefs within us helps ourselves to withstand external pressures exerted on us.
Touching upon Anthony Robins’ the seven lies of success, the facilitator gave examples to these ideas from his own career, to which a few participants added theirs.
With an audience strength of over 50 professionals ranging from leading trainers, HR practitioners, academicians, doctoral research scholars and students, the evening delivered the promise of useful inputs for everyone present.