Emergence of New Technologies


NHRDN Chennai Chapter
“Emergence of New Technologies”
Prithvi Perumal,
Business Development Associate

At 07.00 pm, on Friday, 25th October, 2016
At Hotel Savera, Dr. Radhakrishnan sugar daddy definition Salai, Mylapore

Registration Fee of Rs. 400/- will apply to Non-Members attending the program.
Networking over tea begins at 6.30 pm.

NHRDN Chennai Chapter – 22 August 2014 Srinath Sridevan – Amendments to the Labour Law

NHRDN Chennai Chapter – 22 August 2014
Srinath Sridevan – Amendments to the Labour Law.
This session, tied in along with our AGM, has been a very concise discussion on the latest Amendments to the following acts of the Indian Labour Law.

  1. Factories Act
  2. Apprentices Act
  3. Reviewed list of forms and registers to be maintained.

His discussions and view points are captured herewith.

  • The reworked Act has been presented within 20 days of the new government being formed and we can surely expect more realistic amendments based on public acceptance.
  • The Act is sneaky in a few places, but by overall standards, it has tried to keep up with the changing times and is attempting to do away with irrelevant and absurd practices.
  • The amendment attempts to free the manufacturers from archaic laws of the government shenanigans.
    Relaxation is given in terms of spread-over Over Time and the nature of exemption given.
  • Parity in women handling dangerous machines but consideration is given for pregnant women.
  • In 15 different sections, the word “State government” has been replaced with “ Central and State government”.
  • Government has shown more trust in the employers and given a lot more latitude in doing things right for employees also.
  • Where ever there is a conflict in central and state rules, the central rules prevail.
  • Earned leave not worked after 240 days per year but is now recorded quarterly.
  • Good balance in the emphasis on employee welfare and employer welfare.
  • Section 66 has now been amended for women working after sundown.
  • Even though relaxations are offered, the penalties are much stricter.
  • Old and impractical requirements are mysugardaddybaby now done away with.
  • Relaxation in maintenance of registers for SMEs.
  • Amendment to Over Time practices and wages for Over Time.
  • Apprentice agreement can now be drawn by the companies themselves and sent for approval.
  • Punishment by imprisonment has been done away with but heavier fines are now imposed.
  • Employers free to prescribe working hours for apprentices.
  • New concept of optional trade and combined training.
  • Government has made it favorable to employers to hire apprentices.
  • Relaxation to maintain registers in Soft copy and can be produced on request.

Most of the relaxation is rational in the way of operations and execution