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Understanding the Indian Psyche and harnessing its Positive Potential

Ashok is an Organisation Consultant who works with individuals, groups and organizations. He is deeply interested in Gender, Inclusion, Diversity, Culture, Leadership Development. Ashok has developed a framework and tools called the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) for mapping individual orientation, organisation culture and the interface between them and is also the author of “Child Man […]

Role of HR in Organization Change & Transformation

Shubha Kasivisweswaran, Head HR – TNQ Books & Publishing Shubla’s jourrey in HR has been one of unlearning, as much as it has been of learning. Her experience in the line HR function started with Gulf Oil in Humbai in 1992 where she was an integral part of setting up the Personnel function. Crossing the […]

Spirit of Mindfulness and Leadership

Research by Harvard Medical School and other university studies have confirmed that Mindfulness Meditation has changed the brain structure of the practitioners by increasing the grey matter in Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Pre Frontal Cortex, Hippocampus and other areas of the brain! Why the above fact would be of interest to every leader working in the […]

HR Analytics The Hype & The Reality

Bringing data science to HR This month’s meeting will be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Chapter, which is open only to Members. Pramad Jandhyala is Co-Founder at LatentView Analytics where she has helped build LatentView from ground up, anchoring key roles in strategy and execution to guide Latentvies’s rapid growth and recognition […]