When two good friends / Professionals in HR meet what do they talk about the most? Do they talk about HR practices or do they share stories and experiences? Have you ever wondered why HR professionals are more passionate about sharing People stories?
Stories happen to everyone, a graduate who joins a team in few months could have a great story to share. Every one of us may not be able to share a unique HR intervention or strategy that we have formulated, but all of us can share one or more stories that can have great take away.
If there is one team that is inundated with people stories in any organization, it’s the HR team. We are the eyes and ears on ground and come across far more people stories than any other management function. The best part of sharing stories is, you don’t have to be a great orator or a Presenter. If the story is authentic and powerful, it will create earnest impact.


What kind of stories are we talking about?

The story that you would tell another HR friend / Professional.
(1)   What you did different to close a settlement discussion
(2)   How you handled a difficult situation in Employee Relations or with management
(3)   How you made a difference to some one’s life in organizational context
(4)   Did you do something different and have great learnings out of it.
(5)   A success / turnaround story   
(6)   An event that was curtail for your organization and your journey.
(7)   A cause that you championed against odds
 We cannot cover all scenarios. Please write to us with your question and we help clarify.

Can I / We only present stories?

NO you can present anything in the form of stories i.e instead of presenting a tool in HR we would like to hear how the tool helped, what your Experience was and how it can be of value to others.

What would not be Interesting?

Talking about concepts, tools & interventions without any story around it.   

How many stories are going to be shortlisted for presentation?

We do not have a fixed number in mind however, we are setting the bar high on the quality of stories and the impact it should have on the audience. We are committed to give the best support and equal platform for all shortlisted stories.

What is going to be the format of the Event?

That is not decided yet, based on the number of stories that get selected we will finalize the format.

What can winners expect?

We want to recognize the best stories with Cash prize and recognition


Please send in your nomination to with following information.

Mobile Number:
Gmail ID:
Brief about the story you are going to present (Feel free to attach PPT, White paper, etc.):
As next steps, you can expect a call from us to understand better what you are going to present.